Consigning with Gigi's

At Gigi’s Consignment, our goal is to offer you a seamless and highly personalized experience while consigning. Since 2011, our success has been defined by our highly edited selection focused on brands that resonate most with our customer base. We look forward to having you join the 5000 consignors who have chosen Gigi’s Consignment as the second home for their high end and special designer goods. 

In addition, each year we hold an annual summer and winter sale in July and February respectively.

Step One: Drop Off

If you are planning to consign under twenty items, days for consignment drop off are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – with no appointment necessary. To consign more than twenty items, please call ahead to make an appointment with one of our staff. 

 During the drop off, we will inspect each item to ensure quality. We reserve the right to donate items that are later found with imperfections.

Step Two: Selling 

After receiving your items, we will begin the process of inventorying and tagging. All items are kept for one season unless otherwise discussed. Unsold items are either picked up by the consignor or donated to the Women’s Center of Montgomery County. 

 Emails will be sent to consignors for pick-up time. If they are not picked up at designated time, Gigi’s Consignment reserves the right to donate.

Step Three: Payment

Pick up your check! Once an item has sold, the consignor will be issued their 40% commission check that should be picked up in store. Notification of your check will be sent through your email. 

 Checks are issued four times a year; in March, June, September and December. No check will be made out for under $20.00. You can receive cash at store or use your “Consignor Cash” for purchasing merchandise.